High School Art


 Creative Minds For Our Times

Zola Monroe Art Group seeks to prove and implement the importance of art education as a form of responsibility, structure and discipline through creativity.


We explore the disappearing element of art discipline through ironically creative and colorful expressions. The Zola Monroe Art Group site provides information about upcoming shows, exhibitions, classes and images of past projects, as well as information about my artistic journey from dream to realization.


Our program offers the opportunity for students of all ages to exercise responsibility, work cooperatively, appreciate other cultures, and the world around them. Our visual arts courses offer students comprehensive art experiences with detailed exploration in the areas of drawing, painting, mixed media, and learning the fundamentals of various colors. In addition to gaining confidence and proficiency in working with a variety of art mediums art encourages students to become more social. 


ZMAG believes that art education provides essential building blocks that enhance a person’s ability to learn at any age.  Language development, motor skills, cultural awareness, decision making, and increased academic understanding are just a few of the many character building skills children obtain when studying art. These are skills that are essential for the overall development of the child. The transfer from skills obtained from art transfer over into their daily lives effortlessly. 


Becoming aware of their natural creativity provides the student with a new feeling of value.  Students are able to have a healthy outlet to release to the effects of negative feelings we all encounter in day to day life, while gaining critical concentration skills that segue into increased focus in other subjects.


   Art also increases school attendance. Using data submitted by the state public schools a report was compiled finding that arts education has a significant effect on the academic and social success of their students. Those with greater arts participation were more likely to come to class, avoid being removed and graduate. Additionally, greater proficiency in mathematics and communication. Many studies of statewide education systems have discovered nearly identical results. http://www.onlinecolleges.net/10-salient-studies-on-the-arts-in-education/


  The goal of the courses are to provide the students with quality art knowledge, and to utilize the experiences from the courses to ensure that the presentation of the projects and assignments will be successful skills gained from art stimulation that are transferred effectively at school, in society and at home with their families. Providing heightened opportunity for children of various cultural and social backgrounds.  

With the course objective in mind, We have created  a number of underlying  goals and objectives to accomplish through these specific lesson , detailed below; 

  • Perceptual skills that heighten response to work and environment 

  • Creative problem-solving 

  • Understanding the role of art in one’s own culture and culture of others 

  • Connecting and applying what is learned in visual arts to other educational subjects including lifelong learning   

  • Increase school attendance 

  • Gaining more confidence in the ability to focus 

  • Have more reception to instruction and guidance