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**Limited Edition of 20**


24" x 36" giclee print, signed and numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity.


The Story:

Misconceptions and prejudices manufactured and disseminated through various channels such as the media included references to a “brute” image of Black males. In the 21st century, this negative imagery of Black males has frequently utilized the negative connotation of the terminology “thug.” Law enforcement agencies have unreasonably used deadly force on Black males allegedly considered to be “suspects” or “persons of interest.” The exploitation of these often-targeted victims' criminal records, physical appearances, or misperceived attributes has been used to justify their unlawful deaths. Despite the connection between disproportionate criminality and Black masculinity, little research has been done on how unarmed Black male victims, particularly but not exclusively at the hands of law enforcement, have been posthumously criminalized. 

Black Boy Blues

  • *Shipping for this art will begin on 6/10/22.

    Each piece is packaged rolled and in a tube. Shipping can take between 7-10 days. A FedEx tracking number will be provided once shipped.

  • Each artwork is rolled by hand. We do not mass produce. Because of this, we do not accept returns. If damaged, we will offer an exchange for a new print. 

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