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Dominique Hughes (known by her students as Ms.Cat) is a Mixed Media Educator/Artist.

She currently teaches Mixed Media Art courses at Kelly Miller Middle School, Sousa Middle School, Washington Wellness Center Southeast, Washington Wellness Congress Heights and Model Cities Senior Center in NE Washington, DC.

It is her hope that her students leave with an appreciation and respect for the arts. In her life away from teaching, Dominique is a practicing Mixed Media Artist and the Owner of Zola Monroe Art Group, LLC. She also host Paint Events at The ARC DC, Anacostia Art Center, The Hill Center and various other centers in and around the DMV Area.

Dominique's artwork is bursting with different creations from paintings to pieces by means of spoken word. She also involves the combination of art genre to create something not only fresh, but unconventional.

Over the past few years Dominique has established a lot as an Artist, producing mentally stimulating work. The following pieces in the gallery are just a scarce number of Art pieces that have optimistically made an impact in the art realm.

What do you want viewers to get from your artwork?

"I create to share the awe and tranquility that I experience. I hope to convey freedom of expression and a sense of wonder by accenting different elements and small details in my work. My art is representational with a twist. Effervescent colors, lots of texture and layering adding a personal, sometimes surrealistic, perspective.

Choreography was my first form of artistic expression and it is a joy to merge my movement of thought with the movement of my paintbrush, paper and found objects to build texture to create something completely new.

The best things I hear about my art are "that's how that feels to me"; "you've captured the feeling"; "I don't know where that is, but I want to be there"; those comments mean I've captured the spirit of a place, space or even a person. Since my intent is to share the beauty I see, if one of my pieces generates that kind of an emotional response, I am satisfied."

How do you feel about art being implemented in education?

"I believe that the ability to see through the teachers eyes expands experience, knowledge and cognition of the student. The outcomes of art education are far wider than creating art or merely observing. The study of art and all facets provides frames of reference for viewing this world with heightened appreciation and deeper meaning. It changes the stereo typical learning environment to one of discovery. Art provides challenges to students on all levels and they learn to become more sustained, self-directed learners. Engagement in the fine arts helps students to reach their minds beyond the boundaries of the printed text or the rules of what is provable."